Companies urged to cut down on wasted water

British office staff are being urged to cut down on wasted water this summer,
as southern England experiences its driest month since 1976.

Government-backed efficiency programme Envirowise has found that UK industry
and commerce uses three times more water than is needed.

Programme director Dr Martin Gibson told the BBC: ‘The main industrial users
need to look at ways of cutting their consumption and office workers have to
realise that they have a role to play as well to help cut the financial as well
as environmental cost.

‘Wasting water will be a massive drain on profits as well as the
He said that workplaces needed to adopt the kind of water-conserving practices
that householders were starting to apply at home, such as turning off taps while
brushing teeth.

Envirowise says companies that implement simple water conservation tactics
could cut their annual consumption by 30%.

Tax relief is also available for businesses which invest in technologies that
promote efficient water use.

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