PracticeConsultingAccountancy Age Masters 2000 – The fairways to heaven.

Accountancy Age Masters 2000 - The fairways to heaven.

The countdown has begun for the Accountancy Age Masters 2000. Alex Miller profies the courses where the regional finals will take place and The Belfry: venue for the grand final in September

Things are hotting up at this year’s Accountancy Age Masters and for all those lucky – or downright talented – swingers who have managed to putt themselves into the regional finals, we bring an insight into the courses that lie in wait.

North-East finalists – be warned – Slaley Hall awaits any hackers. It measures 7021 yards from the championship tees and was designed by retired golf pro Dave Thomas. The course is set among forest, parkland and moorland with lakes and streams standing in the way of glory.

Arguably the most interesting hole is the par 49th, which is 452 yards long and played over water and through a narrow avenue of towering trees and rhododendrons – certainly one to master in order to stay ahead of the game.

However, when it comes to attracting golfers and corporate clients, Brocket Hall leads the way as our home counties competitors will understand.

It’s little wonder the 540-acre Hertfordshire estate, which has been home to two prime ministers, has proved so popular with the business community.

For the keen golfer there are few places that better it. Its Melbourne course is already established and the new Palmerston championship course was only completed last month.

Mere Golf & County Club is the course our North-West finalists will have to get to grips with. Set in parkland in the heart of the Cheshire sandbelt, many holes are set close to the lake and the final four holes can be especially unforgiving.

Chepstow, historically known for its horse racing, also has a golf course of a similar standing, and competitors will have to be on the ball to top the leaderboard on this course.

Set in parkland and littered with huge oak trees, the St Pierre Park is primed to gobble up any shot not sweetly hit. South-West finalists should also be warned of the course’s short 18th hole – a mere 245 yards across water.

South-East contestants will have to attack the quintessentially new course at Hever. The parkland course is set in 210 acres of woodland complete with water hazards. Keep an eye out for the par 3 12th; which is uncannily similar to the 12th at Augusta.

Our Midlands contest will take place at the Forest of Arden Hotel Golf and Country Club which comprises two 72 par parkland courses set in the grounds of Packington Park.

A rash of water hazards are among the traps which make this course a truly difficult course to drive.

Last but by no means least is the Belfry, which will host the 36-hole final of the tournament, brought to you in association with NMB Heller, in September. An ivy-clad world-renowned resort hotel – designed by three times British PGA champion, Peter Alliss and Dave Thomas – is set in 370 acres of landscaped gardens and is surrounded by two courses including the famous Brabazon, home to three Ryder Cups – and which will be home to the competition next year.

The most famous hole could arguably be the Brabazon’s 18th, where players have to clear the lake twice over 455 yards, before reaching a three- tiered sloping green.

However, excellent conference facilities including fully equipped leisure club, four restaurants and five bars will ensure every desire is catered for during and especially after the challenge that awaits our 36 finalists.




Paul Bennett v Simon Knee, John Potter v Adrian Knight, Andrew Kino v Ian Smith, John Anderson v Bill Strang, Gilbert Lemon v Norman McComb, Michael Richardson v Simon Lewis, Richard Howling v Simon Thomas


Stephen Ball v Tony Heaford, Rachel Berry v Neil Sutton, David Exell v Richard Hill, Charlie Thomson v Andrew Knuckley, Martin Caulfield v Huw Battrick, Jerry Randall v David Chasemore, Andrew Charter v Nicholas Heynen, Robert Branch v Andrew Jones, Joe Graham v Christopher Bicknell, Richard Johnson v Patrick Brooke, Roger Downs v Julian Mumford

Wales Russell Halliday v Peter Jones, John Cameron Saunders v Richard Edwards, Lawrence Bayliss v William Baines, Stephen Bames v Chris Glenny, Steven Joseph v Ian Richards, Rhiannon Evans v Justin Davis Steve Prior v Bye

Channel Isles Barry Shelton v Denny Marshall, John Marshall v Walker Callender, Roger Laffoley v Dermot Dimsey Dorset & Wilts, David Parker v Bye, Martyn Jones v Richard Dare, Graham Wilkin v Hassam Suffraz, Mark Hocken v Michael Howard, Michael Buckland v Edward Young

Midlands Paul Macildowie v Philip Revill, Carl Gregory v Paul Bevan, John Walton v Robert Britton, Beverley Cook v Ken Kirk, Paul Beeson v John Harrison, Andrew Streeter v Chris Storr, William Turner v Stuart Stanyard, John Courtman v David Harvey, Robert Wright v Phil Kirk , Andrew Hickin v Nasir Shah, John Tiffen v Trevor Norris, Peter Ormerod v James Hayburn, Mark Carter v Arthur Rise, Geoff Jones v Graham Eden, Heorge Hesp v Richard Luckett, Neill Currie v Tony Gleeson, John Wheatley v Roy Wooldrige, Kevin Middis v Rod Thorpe, Robert Hale v James McCann, Michael Quinn v Steve Thompson, Mark Pepper v Ross Farquarson, Nigel Luckett v Alan Edis , Craig Wright v Nigel Coghill, Dave Darleston v Steven Clarke, Lee Nolan v Les Tonks, Tony Mallon v Gary Lane, Jonathan Lord v Steve Coomber, Derek Felstead v Andrew Hayward, Paul Salisbury v Keith Watkin, Jim Campbell v Philip McClean, Melvin Brownsword v Anthony Fine, Ian Kerr v Robert Freeman, Duncan Bush v Andrew Nicholson, Ian Monk v Peter Barnett, Neil Crees v Jeremy H

arrison, Mark Scarrett v James Taylor, Tony Brown v Martyn Gatehouse, Ian Jacobs v Dhana Pandya, Richard Leatherland v J Parker, Kaushik Govindiji Bathia v Roger Merchant, Ashley Harrison v Gordon Peters, Allan Graham v Paul Angus, Brian Platts v Rob Wesson, Richard Banks v Robert Hay, Dorothy Fisher v Kevin Cahill, Simon Tilley v Brain Carruthers, Laurie Linnell v Simon Hunter, Nick Newland v Trevor Roberts, Jonathan Crowther v David David, Robert Kirkland v Chris Allen, Keith White v Nick Stewart, Simon Breeze v Charles Porter, Mark Jennings v Bye, John Landers v Ray Kingston, David Biskett v Les Angel, Shelley John v Bye

North West

David Kimpton v Paul Fleming, Andrew Winstanley v Roland Pickup, Stephen White v William Moore, Paul Corbett v John Hall, Robert Swire v Neil Leadbetter, Guy Howell v Paul Hurst, Alastair Gould v Clive Plummer, Stuart Burns v Tim Barrett, Guy Woods v John Pickup, Neil Wilson v David Gant, Trish Funk v Jeff Kenah, Paul Cochrane v Graham Sutcliffe, John Williamson v David Hughes, Jon Miller v John Jordan, Michael O’Hurn v Kenneth Stafford, Michael Brookes v Lawrence Freedman, Martin Rayner v Andrew Pickup, David Madeley v Anthony Webley, James Plumbley v Donald George, Carl Cunnelly v Jason Swinyard, Richard Rimmington v Christopher Hayward, Richard Zoltie v Martin Caller, Ernest Thomson v Dale Thorpe, Sandy Casofsky v David Clinch, James B Scott v John Shaw, Karl Worsley v James Ridings, Alan Tomlinson v Chris Attrill, David Mond v Richard Jackson, Tom Hudson v Mark Fairhurst, Don Sutherland v Michael Rolf, Matthew Smith v Alexander Roberts, Eric Chorley v Graham Sykes, Peter Morgan v Matthew Cook

North east

Peter Cook v John Binks, Peter Mullen v Michael Gallagher, Robin Johnson v Peter Broadley, Dave Allison v Peter Wells David Walker v Bye, Stephen Brown v Andrew Jordan, Neil Sevitt v Malcolm Slinger, Andrew Merrick v Richard Flemming, Matthew Crewe v Peter Meredith, John Turner v David Ball, Christopher Cotton v Paul Williams, John Lamb v Julian Pitts, Albert Hills v Roger Hentas, William Holmes v Kenneth Fontine, John Fitzpatrick v Richard De Domeal, Ed Jones v Tony Lamont, Craig Williamson v Martin Greenwood, Simon Kettlewell v Roland Maslin, Simon Crebbin v Martin Bellamy, Stephen Sutcliffe v Ian Watling


Douglas Woodhouse v Stewart Robertson, Craig Fotheringham v Scott Moreland, Neil Moreland v Murray Mair, Andy Gill v Tony Milne, Alisdair McGill v Paul Metheson, Colin Gibson v Thomas Moran, Alistair Todd v Tommy Yule, Peter Brown v Ron Forsyth Norman Gregor v Bye


Nigle Casson v Trevor Maw, Neil Highfield v Richard Ford, Paul Scaife v David Hughes, Paul Hammond v Bob Elliott, David Hunter v Peter Bradbury, Anthony Forshaw v John Chisholm, Bill Sutherland v David Marsh, Ian McNeill v John Pemberton, Roger McDonald v Steven Lloyd


Andrew Nelson v Trevor Hemmingway, Tony Baxter v Nicholas King, David Herd v Bye

Tyne & Wear

Kevin Shears v Andrew Malcolm, Ian Brown v Graeme Doneathy, Janet Nesbitt v David Wilkinson, Alan Robson v Bryan Ross, Joseph Blue v Brian Magney, Paul Lancaster v Alastair Leitch, Matthew McGrady v David Habron, Brian Byrne v Stephen Crawford, John Benson v David Armstrong, David Portas v Peter Gordon, Andrew Sneddon v John Leonard Alan Hynd v Bye

Home counties

Neil Cook v Peter Francis, Peter Mills v Michael Hardman, Paul Boyle v Richard Charlton, William Kane v Michael Kayser, Mahesh Patel v Alan Muggride, Douglas Van Zijl v Graham Cartwright, Stanley Chicksand v Howard Kenton, Henry Appiah v Kelvin Archer, David Walden v Garrie Brandon White, Robert Haysom v Alexander Guberman, Colin Field v Paul Bithrey, Nagin Makam v Stuart Law, Philippa Swain v John Rowson, Michael Scawn v Bernard Hoffman, Arun Ganatra v Alex Patrick, Derek Warman v Leonard Montague, Simon Poley v Richard McVeigh, David Ranson v Graham King, Roger Pennington v Neil Mirfin, Andrew Williamson v Andrew Selby, Graeme Gadsby v Shane Kinton, Philip Chamberlain v Gavin Watson, Tom Travers v Kevin Lynch, Anne Clark v Martin Kearney, David Holden v Anthony Lessor, Derek Hyde v Steve Middleton, Brendan Coyne v Michael Penn, Colin Howe v F K Sai, Stephen Dunstead v Monk Zaremba, Hamish Biggar v Simon Ogden, Rod Cowper v Alistair Bacon, Rebecca Hesketh v Paul Stevens, Ian Landau v Peter Mitchell, Errol R

udnick v Richard Tarrant, Max Vaughan v Mark Couzins, John Cowling v Alan Bradstock, Mary Murphy v Stephen Broderick, Julian Haslam v Alan Rotman, Robert Feld v Robert Ollman, Kevin Lee v Michael Richmond, Peter Quinn v Neil Martin, Dave Aslott v David MacKney, Steve Ingrey v Angus Scott, Glyn Davies v Nick Tate, Bill Whitaker v David Paris, Geoffrey Smith v Harry Barham, Simon Lavelle v Simon Marus, Paul Russell Smith v Trevor Davies, Bruse Gray v Martin Hamilton, David Watson v John Rogers, John Grierson v David Allen, Bob Ridge v Peter Jenkins, Michael Morris v Renny Hayes, Glen Nichol v Daniel Abrahams, Geoff Elcome v Sukh Dev Shukla, Harinder Sethi v Paul Druckman, David Foster v Paul Coley, John Forrester v Rudolph Bussolotti, Richard Barwick v Philip Davies , Michael Vousden v David Poynter, David Biggs v Neil Taylor, Martin Salvage v Martyn Cayless, Stuart Dick v William Brooks, Michael Hargreaves v Michael Pritchard, David Paige v Jon Singleton, Jit Aujla v Geoffrey Rutherford, Tom Palmer v Jason Wyles, Richard Edmondson v Terence Winter, Mike Leigh v Lars McBride, Paul Dobson v Peter Middlewick, Duncan Campbell v Crispin Manners, Ian Johnson v Peter Jamieson, Peter Upton v Edward Weiss, Mark Price v Roger Neill, Andrew Rose v Mark Alford, David Auger v Andy Rhyner, Mr Grice v Colin Barr, Rob Whitby Smith v Nick Moss, Mark Upton v David Hill,Geoff Lang v Bye, Ian McGrory v Roger Sherrin, Alan Langford v Bill Jackson, Nicholas Roadnight v Timothy Elliott, Andrew Baxendine v Paul Hopkins, David Funge v Simon Bailey, Stephen Roberts v Tim Jobling, Ian Thomson v Paul Kavanagh, Bob Weeks v Chris Baxter, Mike Richards v Stephen Kimmett, Laurence Jepp v Paul Davis, Arlene Castle v Alastair Mackenzie, David Randall v Bye, Malcolm Bass v Alpesh Patel

South East

Graham Eyles v Mark Daw, Mark Dowding v David Pumfrey, John Baker v Kenneth Dadd, Andy Bowles v Paul Edmonds, John Scott v Andrew Nix, Michael Pedder v Anthony Taylor, Neil Robbins v John Charlesworth, Mark Abrahams v Gary Specterman, Brian Sehsult v Colin Hudson, Paul East v Trevor Climpson, Ian Wolf v Brian Jones, Martin Whitworth v Bye, Daniel Carroll v David Reid, Mark Wainwright v Stuart Herd, Lance Clifton v Graham Iliffe, Barrie Dunning v Steven Hill, Phil Giles v David Metcalf, Brian Moleshead v Adrian Baulf, Mark Lamb v Malcolm Gofton, Philip Bramall v Nigel Kimber, Chris Sowerby v Douglas Stoker, Nigel Hewson v Lindsay Glasgow, Christopher Gant v Grigor Hiscock, David Coulson v Ian Wylie, Mark Allen v David Howland, Keith Pratt v Kevin Hayman, Richard Cserjen v Brian Conway, Frank Goulding v Harry Buck, Robert Staples v Tony Leach, Terry Skittles v Paul Sawyers, Malcolm Gray v Jim Abbott, William Murdoch v Peter Tinsley, Simon Glover v Bye, Denis Maslin v Richard Truelove, Jeremy Ward v Ian Stewart, Stuart Richie v John Daborn, Nicholas Hill v Austin Barrett, Kevin Powell v Chris Arbenz, Colin Pateman v John Snell, Christopher Allen v Stuart Surtees, Tony Dalby v Graham May, Anant Suchak v Noel Ruddy, Nigel Davidson v Robert Downey, Timothy Romyn v Bye, David Merrygold v Robert Jefferies, Nick Lamb v Ralph Brindle, Nick Ross v Chris Meanley, Raymond Kay v Bye, Chris Jennings v Kevin Walker, Christopher Geeves v Daniel Price.

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