UK in e-biz talks with Eastern Europe

The conference, being held in London, was opened by E-commerce minister, Douglas Alexander, yesterday, with Estonia, Hungary, Macedonia, Bosnia & Hertzogovina and the Czech Republic attending.

It is part of a European-wide initiative aimed at ensuring a successful and prosperous European knowledge economy.

Speaking at the launch, Alexander said early adoption of the knowledge economy would improve the competitiveness of the countries of former Eastern Europe, andEurope as a whole.

He added: ‘Greater prosperity in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe benefits everyone on the continent through greater opportunities for trade and investment.’

The minister said the UK is currently one of the world’s most connected economies, with internet use the highest across Europe.

Last year 2.3m more UK adults were buying online – spending a total of Pounds 1.2bn, the second highest e-commerce market outside the US.


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