Deloitte: Premier League wages to top £1bn next season

A new report by
has calculated that Premier
footballers’ wages will soon break the £1bn barrier for the first
time in the competition’s history.

In its most recent annual review of football finances for 2005/06, the
firm found that wages rose 9% to £854m, and Deloitte said they were expected to
soar next season as a new £1.7bn television deal for Premiership games comes
into effect

Predictably, big spenders Chelsea
had the biggest wage bill, paying out a whopping £114m while four other
clubs paid more than £50m.

Deloitte said new club owners at Aston Villa and Liverpool, were likely to be
more restrained in their spending, with servicing debt and investing in stadia
being other key priorities.

‘A lot of these new owners have had sporting success but also considerable
financial success,’ said director of Deloitte’s Sports Business group, Alan

The gap between revenue at the average Premier League club and Championship
side hit a record £56m in 2005/06 and was tipped to grow to £70m next season.

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