Europe to invest in CRM in 2002

Horror stories this year, have included long implementation timeframes and slow return on investment.

However, despite these findings, a six-country IT spend survey by research company Datamonitor, and CRM vendor Peoplesoft, found almost one-third of the 200 respondents stated CRM was the most prominent area for investment.

Geographically, the breakdown for companies looking to implement CRM solutions this year, was UK (29%), Spain (33%), Scandinavia (40%), Italy (38%), France (29%) and Germany (16%).

Sentiment appears to have charged over CRM. Earlier this year, a report for ebusiness software specialist ATG, by online business information site, found that the broadening gap between marketing and IT was hampering successful CRM implementations and ROI.

Russell Loarridge, vice president of CRM vendor, Firstwave, added: ‘Ultimately a CRM project’s success depends on whether or not your employees accept the new technology. If the tool is hard to use or requires a lot of training, the other criteria will cease to matter!’

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