Recession could see women become main bread winners

Women will become the main earner in households, according to two in five
respondents to a PricewaterhouseCoopers survey.

The global survey, ‘Women’s Recession’, highlights that 40% of those surveyed
believed women’s roles would change to become the main earner post-recession, as
well as 73% believing the downturn will provide an opportunity for women to
leave the corporate life.

As redundancies take their toll in the city, the latest report by the Big
Four firm shows that women who are made redundant are more likely to see it as
an opportunity for a ‘fresh start’ and venture into more entrepreneurial work.

Sarah Churchman, a director of diversity at PwC said: ‘It’s no surprise that
women turn to their entrepreneurial side in a recession and see opportunities
for a new start or role after years of corporate life.’

‘However, the by-product of the recession could be to stall or reverse the
sector’s gender diversity progress and investment, short changing the UK
economy’s recovery by removing or alienating a generation of female talent’ she

The survey also found that one in three respondents said women’s role as
primary carers will have changed after the recession and that over half (60%)
believe the downturn will reinforce the glass ceiling, making it more difficult
for women to progress up the corporate ladder.

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