Company Reports – Boots and Bulmers win awards

Boots Company and HP Bulmer Holdings have won the 1999 Stock Exchange and English ICA annual awards for published accounts, writes Lucinda Kemeny.

The awards, designed to encourage financial reporting excellence, are divided into categories for larger companies (FTSE-100 and FTSE-250), and smaller companies out-side this bracket.

Exchange chairman John Kemp-Welch said the winners were chosen based on presentation, objective discussion, relevant financial highlights and disclosure of relevant figures for business segments. ‘As the means of providing many of the disclosures required by our own regulations, annual reports are the fundamental communication between companies and their shareholders,’ he said.

Boots was picked out for photography, the chairman’s and chief executive’s direct reviews and full segmental information. Bulmers was recognised for its comprehensive material, clear statement of company objectives and photography.

Awards panel chairman Richard Sykes QC said: ‘(Bulmers’) chief executive is courageous enough to look into the future – something not many companies are prepared to do.’

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