Firms take rookies to fill SAP gap

Inexperienced graduates are being recruited into the SAP field in order to plug a skills shortage. Hay Management Consultants has identified this trend in its latest SAP remuneration survey. The survey charts a dramatic shift in companies’ attitudes to recruitment in this sector.

In last year’s survey only one firm admitted to hiring inexperienced staff, while this year 35 organisations did so.

Iain Smith, managing consultant at Hay commented: “The survey confirms that the market for SAP people is still growing fast and is currently extending its penetration into retail and government organisations. However, unless the availability of skilled resources is improved, SAP implementation will be severely constrained.”

The survey found 65 percent of companies had experienced difficulty in attracting staff for applications analysts. This skills shortage, combined with a high demand for SAP staff in general has produced higher remuneration packages, increasing the disparity between SAP and IT jobs to between 30 and 35 percent.

Companies are actively restructuring pay scales in order to attract and retain SAP staff through retention and sign-on bonuses. The survey also found that 97 percent of firms allow individuals to cross train into SAP.

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