Government admits e-tendering failure

The government is currently piloting an internet-based electronic tendering service, OGC TenderTrust, with ten departments. The service will enable the secure delivery of tenders across the internet and authenticate all parties to the transaction.

But chief secretary to the Treasury Andrew Smith admitted: ‘The evidence from the pilot shows further work is needed to maintain the right level of security and increase take up of the service across government.

‘We will therefore revise our target of sending and receiving 100% of tenders electronically by December 2002.’

An Office of Government Commerce spokesman (OGC) could not say what the new deadline will be.

The OGC also announced the launch of seven new e-pilot contracts, which will run until 31 July 2002, with the aim of establishing government as an ‘intelligent’ user of e-procurement.

The OGC said one of the potential achievements of the e-pilots will be to reduce concerns over the security implications of on-line purchasing and payment transactions for government and its suppliers.’

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