Big Four coordinate relief efforts

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All four firms said they were coordinating efforts on a country by country basis as well as within their global networks.

KPMG UK made a ‘substantial initial payment’ to the Disaster and Emergency Committee on 28 December, but said it plans to donate more over the coming weeks.

PricewaterhouseCoopers’ global network has so far donated about £5m but expects the figure to rise substantially as more fundraising efforts are launched. PwC has also pledged to carry out work on a pro bono basis.

Ernst & Young’s UK senior partner Nick Land sent out an email to staff calling the disaster a ‘terrible tragedy on an awesome scale’ as it was revealed that the firm had lost one member of staff in Sri Lanka.

A spokeswoman for Deloitte UK confirmed the firm is also donating £1m to the disaster relief efforts.

Mid-tier firm Grant Thornton said £25,000 has so far been contributed to the DEC by partners, and that the firm is encouraging staff to give as well.

No other firm has so far suffered the loss of a member of staff.

More than half the members of the FTSE100 announced earlier this week that they had kick-started their own relief operations, marking the beginning of corporate support from Britain.

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