UK’s super-rich dodge £13bn in tax

The UK loses out on £13bn a year due to tax avoidance by the wealthiest

A study of tax statistics by the TUC will reveal later this week that the
wealthy are exploiting the UK’s tax rules to avoid up to £13bn a year in tax.

Non-domiciles in the UK avoid £3.8bn of tax, while income shifters move
income into companies or through spouses to avoid income tax – to the tune of
£3.2bn, reported

‘For years there has hardly been any debate about whether the tax system is
fair. But a wise government would recognise the shift in public mood when they
see police officers marching against a decision that a modest pay rise was
unaffordable when it looks like tax has become optional for a small group of the
super-rich,’ said TUC chief Brendan Barber.

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