Government takes £4.3m fraud blow

Link: Fraud cases almost double

The single case involved the sale of confidential information to outsiders who used it to perpetrate the fraud, which was discovered as a result of routine checks into claims by members of the public.

Investigations established the involvement of staff. Attempts have been made to recover losses, but only £12,000 had been recouped when the report was drawn up.

The method of reporting fraud was changed during the year, making comparisons with earlier years invalid. Altogether 24 bodies reported 898 cases of internal fraud, 286 of which involved the theft of assets, 163 involving payments processes and 139 relating to exploiting assets and information.

The report highlighted the need for improved security for assets and the need to prevent collusion being used to by-pass controls.

The majority of cases were discovered as a result of staff reporting suspicions of fraud or theft to senior management, line management or fraud hotlines.

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