Letters – Sporting times in accountancy recruitment.

Some time ago I wrote to you about my amusement over a Leeds United ad for an accountant.

It now seems that the accountancy profession has acquired a fixation with athletics. I have in front of me an ACCA courses brochure for 2001 with a man hurdling a barrier and the 25 January edition of Accountancy Age with a man high jumping over a bar in a KPMG advert. To complete the set I need a picture of someone pole vaulting and somebody jumping a water jump barrier in a steeplechase. Can someone tell me where I can find them?

It’s not hard to read the subliminal message.

I am also a regular reader of Athletics Weekly. Hence I spotted that the hurdler is clearly wearing the wrong footwear – trainers not spikes.The high jumper appears more authentic until you notice he is wearing a number on his back.

Athletes jumping over bars are only required to wear one number and they don’t wear it on the part of their body next to the bar. Good concept, poor execution.

David Patterson, Amersham, Bucks

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