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[QQ]Four out of five users have witnessed colleagues vent frustration on IT in a display of “computer rage”, a survey from Compaq reveals. The survey says that increased stress levels and Technology Related Anger (TRA) resulting from IT breakdowns bear both professional and emotional costs.[QQ] [QQ] The latest report from independent Y2K watchdog Taskforce 2000 has uncovered a “depressing picture” as it reveals that the country’s emergency services are behind schedule in their preparations for the millennium. Author Ian Hugo states that some police forces are running “unacceptably late”.[QQ] [QQ] European big business is catching up quickly with its US competitors in the e-commerce revolution, according to findings in the Worldwide Web 100 survey announced by Novell. E-commerce strategy winners in Europe include Lufthansa, Tesco and BT which occupy the top three positions.[QQ] [QQ] PricewaterhouseCoopers has acquired a 50 percent interest in Dacom Systems, Korea’s largest telecommunications provider. The joint venture is intended to take advantage of new opportunities in electronic business and systems integration consulting services in Korea and other global markets.[QQ] [QQ] Implementation of the euro will be three times more expensive than Y2k fixes, according to Decision Vision Europe. Elizabeth Bradley, managing director, said: “Y2k is a technical issue that impacts business. The euro is a business issue that impacts technology. It is this distinction that adds to the cost of implementation.”

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