Revenue report released two months late

A spokesman for the Revenue said the delay in the report – published late last Friday – was caused by the wait for the figures included in Appendix 1, and which have not been included in previous accounts.

The Revenue published its previous figures in November 1999. ‘We had hoped to publish the report in November again, but had to wait for the figures for the new section,’ the spokesman added.

Highlights from the report, which covered the financial year to 31 March 2000, included total collections from national insurance, tax and duties of £212,856m up from £195,885m in the previous year.

The cost of collecting each pound was 1.10 pence in the year to March 2000, an improvement on the 1.33 pence the year before.

Also completed during the 1999/2000 tax year was the replacement of most of its IT infrastructure – the biggest roll-out of its kind in Europe.


Inland Revenue annual report

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