Interpol hunts Liechtenstein mole

A former data entry clerk at LGT Group is being sought by Interpol for
alleged theft, computer security crimes and counterfeiting and forgery.

Heinrich Kieber has been identified as the informant who allegedly stole
client information from the bank and sold it to authorities in the UK, the US
and Germany, the

Data contained on computer discs he sold is believed to uncover tax evasion
by approximately 1,400 clients of LGT, thought to run into billions of dollars.

German secret investigators allegedly paid Kieber between €4m and €5m ($6m
and $7.5m) for data on holders of accounts with the LGT banking group. He’s also
believed to have sold similar client information to US investigators.

The Kieber case follows a recent report into tax evasion investigations which
was compiled by US Senator Carl Levin. The report suggests the US is losing
$100bn a year through evasion.

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