SP jumps on Cognos bandwagon

Newcastle-based QSP is the latest financial applications vendor to link up with analytical software specialist Cognos.

QSP Financials 4.5, which began shipping this month, combines QSP’s own reporting routines with Cognos PowerPlay to meet customer demands for better reporting capabilities.

The software upgrade also brings QSP into the world of Windows NT and expands the financial application’s ability to link to other business software.

Designed for between 30 and 100 users, QSP Financials typically interfaces with up to 40 other programs, said QSP group marketing director David Pinches.

‘From customer feedback, it was clear that business reporting was the number one requirement,’ said Pinches. ‘They wanted to be able to provide data not just for the financial community but to business managers.’

Cognos PowerPlay, which is now bundled with financials applications from several leading vendors, extracts data from both accounting and other business applications and compiles it into ‘desktop hypercubes’. The system is usually set up and configured by the vendor, and QSP is training its consultants in the Cognos methodology.

The new version of QSP Financials also includes the company’s Web Enterprise Extensions. These allow users to read and write to the core databases via a Web browser and include routines for customers and suppliers to access their own records.

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