SunSystems in brand move

The move follows four months of research, which concluded its product names were stronger than its corporate identity.

The company – author of SunSystems financial software solutions – carried out the research of customers, channel partners, industry analysts, journalists and staff. It also found that using both names within the subsidiary was leading to confusion among staff and end users.

As a result, the Systems Union title will only be used by the publicly-quoted holding company to represent the union of Systems houses.

Meanwhile, Pegasus Software, the author of business packages including Opera II, and which is also part of the Systems Union Group, will be unaffected by the move.

The decision follows the launch earlier this year of its flagship product, SunSystems 5 and a new website,

SunSystems global marketing director Damian Traynor said: ‘This rebranding represents a shift in our strategy. For the first time, we have identical key messages and marketing positioning. Many of our target markets, such as hotels and oil and gas, are global and we need to communicate with them consistently.’

However there are not understood to be any plans to alter the holding company name from Systems Union, despite its name being ‘faded to grey’.

The decision was similar to that of mid-market vendor Navision. It dropped Damgaard from its brand after defining ‘the most suitable solution’ for its global branding, also citing confusion among users. The decision is subject to approval at the company agm in September.

Senior management concluded Navision was recognised as the stronger of the brands and would be less confusing for the market than retaining the NavisionDamgaard branding.

Meanwhile, the Systems Union Group has sold its vacant property at Dogmersfield Park.

Until last December, this property was the Group’s research and development facility and the global headquarters of Systems Union until its acquisition in May 2000.

It had been on the market for the last year and was sold for Pounds 7.75m to a hotel development company.

Paul Coleman, Systems Union Group CEO, added: ‘This adds further strength to the group’s financial position and will enable us to concentrate on our strategy of marketing and selling our core SunSystems and Pegasus software solutions to our global customer base from our new headquarters in Farnborough.’


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