More businesses survive in 2001

The total number of failures fell from 40,847 in 2000 to 40,532 last year, a drop of 0.8%, according to business information company Dun & Bradstreet.

However, on a regional level, the largest increase in business collapses was in London, where failures rose by 8.3%. The best performing area was the South East which saw a 7.4% drop in failures.

Meanwhile, small businesses faired better than their larger rivals. The number of small business bankruptcies fell by 2.4% to 23,373, while the larger company liquidations increased by 1.6% to 16, 742.

Philip Mellor, D&B senior analyst, said: ‘Although the annual rate of decrease is slight, it still provides a good deal of New Year cheer when you consider the general economic slowdown.’


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