Oscars losers may attract Revenue interest

The British film stars who missed out on coveted statues at Sunday’s Oscar ceremony in Los Angeles may have to cope with a further setback when they return to the UK.

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The goody bags they picked up ? worth tens of thousands of pounds ? will be liable for UK tax.

Kate Winslet, Clive Owen and Imelda Staunton were among the British stars in line for as range of gifts that included £13,000-worth of travel vouchers, a £780 night out at a New York restaurant, nearly £400-worth of make-up and an £1,800 day at a Manhattan spa.

Many of the celebrities on the Oscar shortlist or presenting awards could also have received a Dyson vacuum cleaner, a digital camera and £250 of olive oil and coffee, according to The Times.

PricewaterhouseCoopers tax partner John Whting warned that unless it’s worth less than £150, the Inland Revnue and Customs would take an interest.

‘It does sound as though they have gone a little over that,’ he told BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme.

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