No future payouts for sacked NHS chiefs

Link: PAC slams benefits system overhaul

The Department of Health has introduced a new Code of Conduct for senior managers ‘setting out clearly the conduct expected from them’ following the scandal which lead to the sudden departure of five senior executives before disciplinary action could be completed.

The move was revealed in the government’s response to a PAC report particularly critical of pay-offs with one totalling over £260,000, as well the fact that four of the executives obtained further employment in the NHS, with gagging clauses seeking to keep it all under wraps.

The department accepted most of the MPs’ comments, adding that NHS employers are obliged to carry out checks on prospective staff which should have made it impossible for sacked personnel to be re-employed elsewhere.

But legal advice was that it would be highly unlikely they would be able to claw back payoffs or sanction the trust directors who agreed to them.

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