Tories criticise Best Value regime

Shadow local government minister Nigel Waterson said there was a now a projected shortage of accountants to audit it.

The Best Value programme requires local authorities to establish performance targets, which are then audited to ensure the efficiency of public services.

Even as the Audit Commission came to the Conservative Conference to praise the new regime, he was condemning it.

Waterson promised to slash bureaucracy ‘such as the Best Value Regime’.

Despite the Audit Commission praising Best Value at the Tory Conference, he said: ‘We do not oppose the principle -after all we pioneered compulsory competitive tendering, changing the whole culture of local government.

‘What has ruined Best Value is this government’s approach – with many councils facing 160 or more performance indicators.’

He added: ‘The inspection culture is costing approximately £600m a year. No wonder there is a projected national shortage of auditors.

‘It is expensive management, and we shall review the whole working of Best Value when we regain office.’


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