Taking Stock – Climbing the slippery slope of high fashion.

We at Taking Stock, as faithful servants to the accountancy profession, have taken it upon ourselves to monitor just how the rest of society views our readership. This sacred mission knows no bounds and we will go anywhere, swim any ocean or scale any height to act as guardians to the good reputations of accountants. It was, therefore, with shock and dismay that we happened across this reference to the country’s most important professionals, in High, the magazine for rock climbing enthusiasts. Commenting on fashion among ‘rock jocks’, the magazine discusses people who wear their outdoor gear all the time, even when they are busy socialising. ‘You’ll never get laid,’ the mag declaims. ‘Perpetrators of this type of clothing are usually accountants who like maths.’ Cheek of it. TS knows of some accountants who climb but still manage to remain very natty dressers over lunch. David Buxton, partner at HLB Kidsons, has a very nice line in pinstripe suits. And if you entertain Ken Wild (a former climber, granted) partner at Ernst & Young at a good eatery, you’ll meet a man whose tailoring is a marvel. So, when it comes to fashion conscience dressing, climbing accountants can really show High a thing or two about ‘haute couture’.

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