MPs muscle in on royals after Prince Harry row

Link: Royal finances to be investigated

The all-party financial watchdog are to quiz his brother Prince William and his father Prince Charles’s advisers as part of an investigation into the £16 million annual income from the latters Duchy of Cornwall estate.

Former accountant Sir Michael Peat who runs the Heir to the Throne’s private office is expected to give evidence.

The MPs want to know whether the money spent on Prince Harry’s aides and advisers – which goes to the Crown with generous tax reliefs – is being well spent in view of the Swastika row and other embarrasing gaffes by the 20-year-old.

Labour PAC member Ian Davidson said: ‘Where do they get these people who are advising Harry? They are either negligent, incompetent, politically suspect or a combination of all three. Harry clearly needs better quality advisers who would have told him he was not leaving the house dressed as a Nazi.’

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