AdSlot1 weekly news focus: Tax

An special feature today gives further details of the meeting, the unusually personal spat between the Blair, Brown and PricewaterhouseCoopers, and outlines what is at stake.

Speculation is rising that this issue could become to international companies what last year’s notorious IR35 Budget measure was to IT experts.

However ‘REVBN2D’ – the number of the Budget press release detailing the double tax move – has less of a ring to it than ‘IR35’. Was the Revenue’s use of a labelling system with somewhat longer numbers this year a deliberate move by the government to prevent a Budget press release gaining such notoriety?

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Other Budget fallout over the last week has included an attack by the insurance industry over a proposed tax on insurance reserves, and protests from companies that the chancellor has not done enough to cut their national insurance bills on share options.

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