Former Sage boss to compete against them

Michael Jackson the former Sage chairman is to compete against the software
giant for a place in the accountancy technology market.

Jackson is preparing to take a 25%-30% stake in an AIM listed software
company to use as a means of buying other businesses – including a small
accountancy software company, the

Analysts have criticised Sage, saying the company has been slow to embrace
‘software as a service’ – software held on remote servers and paid for using
methods similar to utility bills.

Jackson said ‘A lot of people have been trying to write Sage off for a very
long time and they will not be able to do that, but I think the reality is
things are changing’.

Coda recently launch Coda2go, software aimed at the SME market which allows
users to pay a monthly fee for the technology.

Jackson also added that he was looking into companies that offer debt
collection, auction and e-commerce software.

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