Microsoft unveils SME licensing plans

Link: Microsoft outlines ‘vision’ for business customers

The Multi-Year Open Licence is available for firms looking to buy Microsoft product licences for at least five PCs. Users can also receive software upgrades during the three year period.

‘The idea is to help smaller businesses be able to plan their cash-flow better, and remove the need to pay up front,’ said Sue Page, Microsoft’s UK group licensing manager.

At the end of the period, users can renew the software assurance part of the license, which provides free upgrades, on 12 or 26-month terms. Those that choose not to renew will retain the right to carry on using the software.

The idea was welcomed by analyst Clive Longbottom, of research firm Quocirca, as it did not tie users into buying software upgrades.

But he warned, users should be cautious of how much they would have to pay.

‘If the cost is between 50 to 60% of the cost of a one-off licence, it would represent good value,’ he said.

MYO covers Windows Professional upgrade and Microsoft Office Professional, as well as server products. It is offered at three price ranges for those with less than 50 PCs, between 50 and 249, and more than 250.

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