Taking Stock – Taxing times ahead for working girls.

After reporting the shock raids by tax officials on prostitutes in Nigeria, it has come to the attention of TS working girls in the UK have, on occasion, been persuaded to do their duty by HM tax inspectors in this country. TS is to understand arrangements have been made, in some areas, to allow members of the world’s oldest profession to make tax contributions. An accountant who has worked on the books of a number of the young ladies reports that inspectors became a little red faced when it came to listing the occupation of the girls. So what does a lady of the night put on a tax return TS asked? A way around this issue was duly found. The customary title of ‘model’ was used in some cases but in a moment of pure inspiration one hostess was listed as a ‘grocer’. Now it’s not for us to interpret such a definition and it goes without saying any mention of fruit at this stage would be gratuitous indeed.

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