PKF slams BBC in government report

PKF has advised the Department for Culture, Media & Sport that the BBC
should not be granted the licence fee increase it has requested.

In a report compiled for the department, the Top 10 accountancy firm said the
BBC had only delivered marginal cash savings and organisational efficiency, the
FT reports.

On this basis, PKF advised that the rise in licence fee should not increase
to the level the BBC has requested. The BBC has asked for an increase of 2.3%
above-inflation over the next ten years. The department will use the PKF report
to decide on how much to increase the licence fee.

In the 188-page report PKF said the there was a low level of cost savings in
the BBC’s programme-making divisions over the past five years. PKF also
questioned the BBC’s claims of above inflation cost increases on the grounds
that competition for staff was fierce.

PKF said government should ‘scrutinise in detail the investment plans
proposed by the BBC’.

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