JDS replacement takes shape

Link: JDS trebles fines in one year

The IDB will take over from the Accountant’s Joint Disciplinary Scheme, currently headed by Chris Dickson, in Febuary. Anne McArthur, from law firm Beachcroft Wansbroughs, will also be joining as secretary.

Mike Fogden, chairman of the IDB, said that Scott is ‘the best person for the job’ and that part of his remit would be to ‘raise the profile of the IDB’.

According to Fogden the JDS is now ‘ultimately on the vine’ and the IDB will take over all future cases, and some existing ones depending on how long they have been under investigation by the JDS. Dickson is expected to last no more than two years in his role at the JDS.

His replacement is relatively young for such a job, but will command a six figure salary in his new position. Fogden would not confirm the exact amount but said it would be in six figures and that the IDB had to ‘reflect what the market expects’.

While working at Allen & Overy, Scott specialised in insurance, professional indemnity, insolvency, fraud and asset recovery. He arrived in Hong Kong in 1994, during which time he has acted for all the major accountancy firms.

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