Two out of three accountants want to quit UK

The results of the poll, conducted in conjunction with CPA Australia, comes
as part of a general review of trends in the profession and offers a snapshot of
morale and ambitions among UK accountants.

More than half of those polled in the survey said they would move to
Australia given the opportunity.

But perhaps more shocking was that more than one in ten were unfulfilled by
their work.

While most said they could recommend a career in accountancy, around a
quarter said they could only ‘possibly’ encourage others to take it up.

Since Enron, the profession has been through a number of changes, but
regulatory transformation has driven a huge boom in recruitment. Pay has risen
and the opportunities have expanded, trends which appear incongruous against the
results from the survey.

Intriguingly, perceptions of the profession appear divided. Around 30%
believe accountants are seen as a ‘necessary evil’, while only marginally more
believe themselves and their colleagues are considered as ‘dependable advisers.’

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