Broadway to be hit by Enron-style scandal

A play that has been described as a ‘dark comedy’ depicting the 2002 Enron
scandal is about to hit Broadway.

Directed by Kareem Fahmy, the play,
, is set to run from June 28 to July 15 in New York.

The story is based on four auditors at a Big Five firm in Charleston, and
their daily struggle to survive while maintaining their ethics.

The tale, written by James
, was in fact written before the Enron, Worldcom and Arthur Anderson
scandals took place.

Nonetheless, the plot follows the lives of the principal characters after
fraud is discovered in the statements of a major client. It then depicts the
audit team’s senior accountants trying to shift blame by sidestepping the issues
and embarrassing junior staff.

The playwright himself worked in an accounting firm before switching to a
career in the theatre.

A musical based on the Enron saga has already been performed in Houston,
while Leonardo DiCaprio is also set to star in a fictional Hollywood take on the
company’s internal unraveling.

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