Viruses to cost broadband ISPs £187m

Link: Virus alert centre

The study from IT security firm Sandvine found that, although worms are usually associated with attacks on corporate networks, the internet traffic they generate creates havoc on service provider networks.

This adds substantially to service providers’ cost, imposing anywhere from thousands to millions in unplanned network and customer support costs. During 2004 Sandvine estimated that in the UK alone this cost amounted to ç22.4m.

This includes the cost of special response teams, the affect on customer support resources, inflated transit costs and the loss of brand equity.

Sandvine claimed worm attacks will cost the European service provider sector more than €123m in 2004 and €159m in 2005.

Tom Donnelly, co-founder and vice president of marketing and sales at Sandvine said in a statement: ‘Worms exact a massive toll by forcing service providers to mobilise premium resources in order to quell attacks and protect the subscriber experience.’

In addition to the onerous cost of large-scale attacks, Sandvine said it has discovered another type of expensive worm activity: persistent, low-level attack traffic caused by remnants of previous worms that tenaciously cling-on to residential subscriber PCs.

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