BT Ignite burns SME customers

The new strategy is widely seen as a reaction to the disappointing demand for the broadband services BT Ignite offers among small and medium businesses across Europe.

Andy Green, chief executive, told the Financial Times that the company would be focusing on just 10,000 of its large corporate clients in Europe.

He said that the company had been dissipating its energies with too many small and medium-sized companies.

The company invested heavily to cover Europe with a 55,000km fibreglass network linking 290 cities, in the expectation that companies would switch to broadband networks.

Green said BT Ignite was now restricting the number of clients it approached as it was important that the company made a profit. He wants to lift BT Ignite’s profits from 4 to 15 per cent in the next three to four years and a positive operating profit before interest and taxes.

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