Accountants spearhead technological revolution

Accountants are leading the way when it comes to adoption of new technology
according to research from tax and accounting software suppliers CCH.

The YouGov poll, commissioned by CCH, found that accountants were “racing
ahead” of other professionals when it came to using technology to grow the

Over a third (39%) of accountants believe technology is the biggest factor
driving change in the profession – second only to increased regulation, which
received 57% of the votes.

Almost all of the accountants (95%) said they were comfortable processing
information and data online with just 70% of business owners and managers saying
the same.

Accountants may have some persuading to do in the future as 55% of their
clients expect them to process information both online and in hard copy format.

Cathy Wolfe, UK CEO of CCH parent comapny Wolters Kluwer, said: “By moving
processes and information online, they can improve speed and efficiency,
accuracy and cut down on paper. This all means better service and happier

“However, it seems that they may have some work to do to make their clients
understand the benefits of what technology can bring in terms of process
efficiency,” she added.

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