Public Sector – PwC faces council inquiry

PricewaterhouseCoopers has been blocked from approving Eastbourne borough council’s accounts following an objection submitted to the Audit Commission.

The complaints against PwC, which acts as registered auditor to the council, are based on calculations in the accounts which do not add up, according to retired chartered accountant Derrick Prince.

Prince slammed the accounts as ‘the worst I have ever seen’, with figures that failed to add up under closer inspection.

Additionally, Prince has objected to the use of Peter Flamank, a New Zealand-qualified accountant, as the registered auditor. Prince claims a UK chartered accountant should have been employed.

Prince has written to the Audit Commission asking it to send in a district auditor to investigate his claims and review the accounts. The commission has informed Prince that it will look into his claims but has not yet decided whether to launch an official investigation.

In a letter responding to Prince’s complaints, the council stated: ‘The accounts have been audited and are now closed’, adding that no further letters from him would be answered.

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