Kingston Smith unveils IT forensic service

Kingston Smith, the Top 20 accounting firm, has launched an IT service that
provides expertise in the area of electronic evidence from computers, servers,
PDAs, mobile phones, storage devices and backup tapes.

The team running the project will also offer a preventative consultancy
service advising on how to minimise security breaches and protect intellectual

‘Electronic equipment can yield evidence crucial to the success of cases in
areas such as fraud, internal and external security breaches, and dismissal and
HR proceedings,’ said Moira Hindson, forensic accounting partner at Kingston
Smith. ‘We can ensure strict adherence to the highest criminal evidential
standards at all stages of the investigation.

‘Credibility in the courtroom is everything. Our forensic IT team are
technical experts in their respective fields. They can identify and retrieve
electronic evidence in the lab and provide expert witness services in court.’

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