Accountants receiving no recognition – CIMA boss

John Coghlan, the president of the Chartered Institute of Management
Accountants (CIMA) has told a city
audience of business leaders and representatives of government, that accountants
contribution to the UK economy receives very little public or government

This, according to Coghlan, is despite the fact that ‘the six UK chartered
accountancy bodies lead the world in the training and qualification of their
250,000 UK members, at no cost to the state’.

at the eighty-sixth annual CIMA president dinner
 held in London, he said:
‘CIMA is one of six chartered accounting bodies in the UK. Together we have
250,000 members working here in the UK, in business, in the public sector and in

‘These members have been trained at no cost to the State. Their standards of
competence and ethics are second to none in the world, in fact we probably lead
the world. Their positive contribution to the overall economy of UK plc is
immeasurable and yet, in general, they and their institutes receive very little
public or government acclaim for the contribution they make,’ he added.

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