Print company resolves dispute with Deloitte

Deloitte took legal action in December after B&T could not honour
outstanding payments.

A spokesperson for the firm confirmed that B&T was a client but would not
specify what services had been provided. B&T finance director Chris White,
said: ‘We had a few cashflow issues and they got upset. They decided to take
action, but the situation has been resolved.’

‘They have given us various levels of corporate finance advice for a number
of years,’ said White. ‘Our cashflow issues are going away, but we are in a
tough sector,’ he added.

E&Y separately revealed this week that it had settled its case with Ferox
Capital Management over the early filing of the hedge fund’s accounts.

The firm is set to step down as the fund’s auditor despite the settlement,
which saw the Big Four firm make a charitable donation.

‘In most circumstances, including on this occasion, when you receive a claim
form from an audit client it’s inappropriate to continue as auditors,’ a
spokesman said.

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