E&Y launches virtual global link up

The firm’s global network has entered into an eight-year £50m contract with
British virtual communications operator Vanco.

E&Y appointed the company to design, implement and manage a global wide
area network in offices in 80 countries. The firms are part of a network, though
the relationship between international firms is complicated.

KPMG recently moved to unite its UK and German member firms, though such
moves are unusual and the networks operate on much looser terms as a general

In a statement, Vanco said that it had won a 76-month contract worth around
$104 million with the accountancy firm. It is unclear exactly what the
communications network will involve.

Despite the size and length of the contract, E&Y’s global spokespeople
would not disclose the exact nature of the deal. ‘We can’t comment any further,’
said a spokesperson. ‘It’s a rule that we don’t comment on our relationship with
our vendors.’

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