Taking Stock – ACCA member – not amused.

Word has reached Taking Stock that our friends at ACCA may well have fallen out with Her Majesty the Queen after owning up to not fulfilling all the aspects of its Royal Charter for the last 35 years – as it is required to provide a members’ library, but has not been doing so.

The international institute does provide a reading room, (you know papers, mags, Loaded and Womens’ Realm), and of course publishes global information on its website. However it appears that is not enough.

Indeed the subject has been brought up by a member at the last two agms.

Now, of course, if you have members in 160 countries it may be a little pointless to have a library in just one country. No point in coming over from Shanghai just to pay your late fines.

But, nevertheless, rules are rules, and we hear the institute is indeed looking into the issue.

Watch this space for more news.

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