United Nations call on ACCA for green study

Officials at the UN’s Environment Programme wants to find out whether the global profession is meeting the challenges first set down at the Rio Earth Summit in 1992.

And in the run-up to next year’s World Summit on Sustainable Development, ACCA will spend four months speaking to accountancy bodies and industry regulators to assess whether they are taking the issues of sustainable business seriously enough.

The findings are expected be reported in October and will be used at the summit meeting in South Africa in September next year.

Jacqueline Aloisi de Larderel, director of the UNEP Industry and Economics Division of Technology, said: ‘At the heart of the summit’s agenda will be a review of progress made by all stakeholders, including the global accountancy profession, in the implementation of Agenda 21, which calls for a global partnership for sustainable development. Remaining challenges need to be identified and proposals for actions made.’

Roger Adams, ACCA’s technical director, added: ‘It is critical that the profession, which is central to world commerce, is seen as being concerned with more than just profit and loss and recognises the impact which business is having on the environment.’


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