More than quarter of a million ‘sickies’ predicted

An estimated 300,000 workers were believed to have called in sick on Monday
5th February, on what new research has found is the worst day in the year for
office absenteeism in the UK.

According to Employment Law
Advisory Services
(ELAS), a mixture of cold weather, financial problems and
post-Christmas withdrawal symptoms have made the first Monday in February the
most traumatic for staff, costing the economy £2ym for just one day.

Unions dismissed the research as insulting – saying it was wrong to claim
that people were taking ‘sickies’.

Union leaders said workers were particularly vulnerable to illnesses at this
time of year and were better off at home if they were sick.

ELAS said many people were likely to take a ‘duvet day’ on Monday in the face
of low temperatures and general malaise.

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