EU’s whistle blowing accountant becomes MEP

Marta Andreasen, the former whistle-bowing chief accountant at the EU, has
been elected to the European Parliament representing the UK Independence Party.

Andreasen was elected for the South East region of the UK and is a former
winner of the reader-voted Accountancy Age Personality of the Year

She came to prominence after joining the EU and blowing the whistle on an
accounting system she claimed was open to fraud.

She was suspended from her post and eventually sacked by a tribunal.

In the introduction to her recent book Brussels Laid Bare, she
wrote: ‘Indeed, possibly no other case than mine has shown better how easily a
bureaucracy – without any kind of external constitutional mechanism to correct
or qualify its procedures – can become a tyranny.’

Andreasen will join party leader Nigel Farage in Brussels after polling which
saw UKIP take second place.

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