ICAEW measures put to vote

Link: ICAEW members told to vote for practice assurance

The ballots, which were posted yesterday, propose major changes to the institute’s relationship with its members. Votes will be held on practice assurance, a compulsory inspection regime and continuous professional development, a system of ‘top-ups’ for accounting qualifications.

The institute is also asking members to vote on the adoption of a new qualification in corporate finance. It is the second proposed addition to the institute’s syllabus after an IAS course was announced earlier this year.

A ‘yes’ vote would strengthen the institute’s focus on corporate finance, following the 1997 introduction of a dedicated faculty to provide professional support for members practising in the field.

The membership ballot became controversial earlier this month after Eric Anstee, the institute’s chief executive, said a ‘no’ vote would not be an end to practice assurance.

Opponents of the scheme suggested that the institute was behaving ‘undemocratically’.

Voting closes 6 June and the results will be announced two days later.

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