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Europe’s e-businesses don’t know whether their customers’ online transactions are successful. An Aspect Consulting study for fail-over software developer Rainfinity, found that out of the 100 organisations surveyed, most were too focused on getting customers onto a site and not putting enough effort into keeping them there. Only 53% of European e-businesses tried to monitor the success or failure of online transactions and 60% of these rely on the customer to alert the firm to a failure.

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The UK government will ‘water down’ proposals made in the wake of the 11 September attacks for internet service providers to track customers’ habits for 12 months, the Yankee Group has predicted. Campaigners are concerned at plans to introduce emergency measures, including forcing ISPs to keep records for a year on the websites their customers visit, the newsgroups they use and with whom they communicate by email. But Andy Greenman, internet strategies analyst with the Yankee Group, doesn’t believe the proposals will go ahead due to costs for ISPs and opposition from privacy campaigners.

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The jury is still out on the true value of CRM systems and how well they are meeting expectations. A recent PMP Research survey showed that companies were still investing in them, but that spend among a third of respondents had fallen to under #250,000 each as opposed to over #1m last year.

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