Systems Union reassures new customers

System Union chief executive Paul Coleman expects the business software
provider to push for acquisitions, but is not planning to ‘do an Oracle’ to
customers, he said today while outlining the company’s strategy to
Accountancy Age.

Coleman said that although his business, which provides financial software
products including Pegasus and SunSystems, was looking to buy accounting
software companies and tie in SU’s business intelligence products alongside
them, customers would only notice ‘gradual and better’ changes to the way
products worked. He believes this was a different approach to Oracle’s treatment
of customers of acquisition targets.

‘We treat our customers with high regard. No customers, no sales, no

SU sales and consultancy teams would be grown, while looking to increase
efficiency within R&D. ‘We are looking at cost containment within R&D,’
he said.

Systems Union has announced 8.5% growth in revenues for 2005, to £113m, ahead
of releasing its full year-end results.

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