Taking Stock – All we want for Christmas is …

TS has it on good authority that the successor to the famous Sir David Tweedie at the Accounting Standards Board will be announced before Christmas.

And so it should be since the new ASB chairman will have to step into the role by 1 January 2001. It is Taking Stock’s Christmas wish to be able to inform its readers of the next person to shake the foundations of UK financial reporting. Sir David is set to take up his role as chairman of the International Accounting Standards Committee’s board. Although to stand in Tweedie’s footsteps is a task for which TS envies no one, the role of the next chairman will differ greatly from Tweedie’s 10-year reign. So, will Tweedie want a malleable predecessor or one as adamant as he has been to get the UK’s voice heard above the rest? Watch this space.

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