KPMG moves recruitment online

The firm now hopes to cut administration in half and increase the speed of the recruitment process for the 650 places on the graduate programme.

‘We’ve redesigned the entire process to take advantage of the speed, accuracy and flexibility of the internet,’ explained national director of graduate recruitment at KPMG, Keith Dugdale.

Instead of simply transferring the paper process online, KPMG has used the opportunity to overhaul procedures to meet the needs of a modern employer and prospective new joiners.

‘It provides sophisticated interaction and accelerates the recruitment process to an unprecedented degree, ‘ said Dugdale.

From now on, KPMG will use a website instead of the paper graduate recruitment brochure preferred until now. It has also produced a CD-Rom with interviews with the firm’s staff, background information and an explanation of the online application process.

It is expected that screen-based applications will take around an hour to complete. Once the application has been filed, applicants are guaranteed feedback within 24 hours.


KPMG graduate recruitment

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