Revenue staff protest for more money

The Public and Commercial Services Union advised tens of thousands of members in the Revenue to take two days of action after the Revenue refused to budge from an average offer of 4.3%.

Staff were expected to take part in a ‘flexi protest’ today. The protest is designed to restrict the availability of the Revenue’s work force by asking them all to work exactly the same hours.

A statement issued by the Revenue said: ‘The Board of the Inland Revenue firmly believes that this year’s pay offer is reasonable and has explained to staff why they cannot improve on this year’s offer. The chancellor has recently emphasised that he expects considerable restraint in public spending and it is clear that, at present, overriding national priorities are far removed from Civil Service pay.’

Tt is unclear at this stage how many Revenue workers are taking part in the action or how it will affect the department’s services.

Actual pay offers range from 2.5% to 6.5% and 7.5%, plus lump sum performance payments.


Inland Revenue’s website

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